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Tattoo Removal

Who can benefit from Tattoo Removal?

We use a Q switch Nd:Yag laser to reduce and remove unwanted tattoos. Each tattoo has to be treated as an individual as coloured inks respond to the laser in different ways. Most inks are treatable but can find that greens and yellows are the most difficult to eradicate due to the wavelength of the laser.

What can I expect from a Tattoo Removal session?

During the proceedure you may feel an uncomfortable flicking sensation. This is due to the ink particles being destroyed by the laser. Local anaesthetic cream can be applied 15 minutes before treatment if you find it too uncomfortable. Time taken to treat depends on the size of the tattoo and the area. An average 5cm x 5cm tattoo would take roughly 10 minutes to treat. 
After treatment, the treated area may feel warm, red and swollen. This is completely normal and does settle down. 

How many sessions am I likely to need?

This all depends on the colour of the tattoo, the size and ink used. Most people will need upwards of 6 - 10 treatments. However smaller tattoos which are not thickly inked may go in much less. 

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