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Boxcar scars:

 Boxcar spots are similar to the marks left after chicken pox. These oval-shaped scars are more visible on the cheeks as the epidermis gets affected the most. It happens due to squeezing and scratching the acne.

 Ice Pick Scars: 

 A common occurrence, these scars are deep potholes left on the skin. Ice Pick Scars occur in sensitive skins when exposed to pollution. Technically known as ‘depressed fibrotic scar’, it can be effectively and inexpensively cured with herbal remedies. Laser surgery is also an option.

 Hypertrophic Scars:

These scars appear on the skin as red eruptions and are closely associated with the occurrence of acne. Hypertrophic scars do not leave marks on the skin. They happen due to tissue overgrowth in certain areas. A proper skin care routine including periodical scrubbing makes them lighter.

 Rolling Scars: 

 These scars are left on the skin due to excessive abrasion on the epidermis that slowly damages the softer inner cells in the skin. Wide and shallow in appearance, these scars cause permanent damage to the skin and cannot be removed through laser treatments. Dermatologists often use subcision as an alternative for polishing the skin so that the scars appear fainter. This kind of scarring is usually difficult to remove.

Acne scars are usually treated according to its type, color, texture and severity. Therefore, it is recommended that you have an accurate diagnosis so that your scars will be treated accordingly.

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