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Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Treatments that give real results!
The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs laser energy while your hair is in its Anagen, or active phase of growth. The laser energy is converted into heat, causing thermal damage to the follicle without harming the surrounding tissue. Hair re-growth is impeded in the damaged follicle.

Average treatment sessions.

Only 30% or less of your hair may be in the active growth phase at any one time depending on the body area. Thus, a series of treatments will be required to achieve the long-term improvement you desire. These treatments are spaced between approximately 4-12 weeks apart, based on anatomical position and hair growth cycles. Our extensive experience tells us that for course black hair you can expect to need from 3-8 treatments (6-8 is average) to each treatment area for long lasting, optimal results. Finer, Lighter coloured hair needs more treatments.

Safe and effective hair removal treatments
East Midlands Laser & Cosmetic Clinic uses the most advanced laser technology cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, safely and effectively treating all ethnic origins and skin types including tanned skin which some laser treatment cannot.

How long does it take?
Small areas such as upper lip/chin or small bikini line can be as little as 15 minutes. For larger areas such as back/full legs, it can be anything up to an hour. How permanent is Hair Reduction? The average patient in clinical studies sees a 48% reduction in hair growth after three treatments and up to an 80% lasting reduction after six to eight treatments (results vary). After you have completed a series of four to six treatments, any remaining hair will usually be finer and lighter in colour. Most patients require one or two touch-up treatments per year. Blond, platinum, most red, grey and vellus hair will not respond to this treatment.

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