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Facts About Fillers

What are fillers?
Hyaluronics are medium-term dermal fillers made from a synthetic polymer of Hyaluronic acid. Our skin makes its own Hyaluronic acid (it helps retain water under our skin for skin hydration), which is why it is a temporary filler – the body naturally absorbs it after a few months.

In what areas can they be used?
Smile creases, jowling creases (marionette lines that produce down turned lips), frown and forehead creases, creases around the eyes and hollows underneath the eyes, crease lines above and below the lips, the lips to plump and reshape, the nose, chin, jaw line and cheeks to add volume and reshape, and the eyebrows to create lift. During your consultation, the clinician will discuss your needs to determine the amount of dermal filler required. You can begin with a small amount of the filler and build on this, depending on the result you would like and your budget.

Are they safe?
Hyaluronics have been used around the world since the mid nineties. They are completely safe and are not known to cause allergic reactions.

How do they work?
Firstly, the soft gel fillers plump and flatten age lines, creases and depressions (such as smile lines and the lines above and below the lips). Once in place, the skin isn’t able to fold in these areas as easily and therefore you receive significant protection from advanced ageing and further collagen loss. Secondly, you are able to fill and enhance facial features, such as the lips, cheeks, chin and nose, where volume is lacking. Not only do dermal fillers perform a cosmetic enhancement, they prevent the folds and creases from becoming deeper – they act as a cushioning pad plus they stimulate new collagen growth in the base of creases.

What happens during the procedure?
The filler is injected into the desired area(s). You receive a local anesthetic to minimise discomfort.

How long does the procedure take? 10-20 minutes. You may require up to 3 sessions, depending on the size and type of area targeted.

How long will my recovery be and what can I expect?
In most cases you will be able to return to your normal activities straightaway. There is usually no discomfort once the local anesthetic has worn off. Swelling and some redness is apparent for a few hours. You may also see a few tiny needle-prick marks and some local bruising. These can be easily masked with make-up. In the case of lip enhancement, younger people will recover overnight, but older people (with more shrunken and scarred lips) can expect reasonable swelling for 2-3 days.

How long will Hyaluronic last?
As they are a natural body product, Hyaluronics are slowly absorbed into the body and will require topping up after 6-12 months, depending on the type and the amount used as well as the site injected. The more product used, and the thicker and firmer the version of the product, the longer it will remain in place. Also, the less an area moves, the longer it will last.

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