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Mesotherapy Treatments

What Is Mesotherapy ?

A customized cocktail of substances is injected just under the surface of your skin - the mesoderm. Multiple intradermal injections of very small quantities of a nutritive and revitalising complex of 54+1 active ingredients [using a very fine needle] along wrinkle lines in "nappage" over the face, neck, scoop neck and back of the hands.

We carry out Anti-ageing Mesotherapy manually using a syringe. This Procedure may be applied to all skin types for cutaneous ageing treatment or prevention. A ready made solution containing 55 active ingredients:   

15 Vitamins, including Vitamins A,E,C,B and K
24 Amino acids to restructure and repair tissue
4 Minerals to regulate cell function
6 Coenzymes to increase the speed of tissue reconstruction
5 Nucleic Acids to stimulate the synthesis of noble proteins of the dermis Hyaluronic Acid

All of these in combination helps Stimulate the skin's biochemical reactions, Improve skin firmness and tone, Restructure mature skin tissue, Repair post trauma skin imperfections and Act on hair restoring.  

Each treatment takes about 10 – 20 minutes and is generally not painful. Treatments also involve the application of the glycopeel to boost the effects of hydration to the skin. Micro - Injections are given weekly for a month and then a maintenance regime starts with monthly injections for two to three treatments. One session can treat full face, neck , scoop of neck and backs of hands.
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